About Us

The Provincial Assessor’s Office being one of the partners in the revenue generation of the province to make it financially self-sustaining local government unit, is determined to actualize the following:



Enhancement of Revenue Generation thru Equitable, Uniform, Standardized, Effective and Efficient application of the existing Rules, Laws and Procedure in the Appraisal and Assessment of all Real Properties using an online/computerized Assessment Service throughout the province.



Tapping the potential of Real Property Tax by continuous Inventory, Discovery, Listing and Accounting of all real properties within the province.



* To install and maintain real property identification and accounting system through computerized system;

* To undertake the activities in updating the existing tax mapping and assessment of real properties in order to have complete coverage of real properties;

* To ensure uniformity, regularity, and consistency in the application and enforcement of policies, rules and regulations governing the administration of real properties; and

* To appraise all real properties and fair market value and conduct regular ocular inspections to determine if they are properly assessed.



Appraise and assess all real properties like: lands, buildings, machineries, and other improvements, for taxation purposes.



The Office of the Provincial Assessor as amended under Book 11 of R.A. 7160, otherwise known as Local Government Code of 1991, shall perform the following:

Ensure that all laws and policies governing the appraisal and assessment of real properties for taxation purposes are properly executed;

Initiate, review and recommend changes in policies and objectives, plans and programs, techniques, procedures and practices in the valuation and assessment of real properties for taxation purposes;

Establish a systematic method of real property assessment;

Prepare, install and maintain a system of tax mapping, showing graphically all Property subject to assessment and gather all data concerning the same;

Conduct frequent physical surveys to verify and determine whether all real properties within the province are properly listed in the assessment rolls;

Exercise the functions of appraisal and assessment primarily for taxation purposes of real properties in the local government unit concerned;

Prepare a schedule of the fair market value for the different classes of real properties, in accordance with the Title Two, Book 11 of the Local Government Code;

Issue, upon the request of any interested party, certified copies of assessment records of real property and all other records relative to its assessment, upon payment of a service charge or fee to the treasurer;

Submit every semester a report of all assessment, as well as cancellation and modification of assessment, to the local chief executive and sanggunian concerned.

Exercise such other powers and perform such other duties and function as may be prescribed by the law or ordinance.

Provide the taxpayers and the constituent of Occidental Mindoro in general, with friendly, prompt, efficient and courteous assessment service at all times.