With the advent of the E-Business and the need to leverage multiple sources of information within all the corners of the world, the Office of the Governor is responding to the demand of empowering the Provincial Assessor’s Office thru the electronic Real Property Tax Appraisal and Assessment System (eRPTAAS) and revolutionizing the way the Provincial Government deliver public service.

The electronic Real Property Tax Appraisal and Assessment System (eRPTAAS) is an architecture that facilitates the flow of information across organizational units and geographical locations. It enables decision-makers to have a wide view of the information they need in a timely, reliable and consistent fashion.

I congratulate the PASSO for all your efforts to build interactive, knowledge-based relationships with the public and employees. The integration of the project will lead to dramatic gains in productivity and speed. However, let us be aware of the changes that need to be managed to reap the benefits.

Congratulations and let us continue to improve our public service delivery.