Josephine Y. Ramirez-Sato

My warmest felicitations to the Provincial Assessor’s Office for coming up with the project electronic Real Property Tax Appraisal and Assessment System (eRPTAAS).

True the pledge of commitment to carry out the sworn duties as public servants. One by strengthening the local governments units to be financially self-reliant public services, the eRPTAAS aims to serve the clientele with the fastest possible. The automated process for accounting and collection of the real property taxes shall facilitate online exchange of information and standardizes and uniformed application of the assessment and appraisal procedures in assessing real properties throughout the province.

Thus, with eRPTAAS, as an enhanced revenue generation redounding to the direct beneficiary of our public service-our people of Occidental Mindoro! We could proudly say we have a fair share of contribution to national progress and development.

The collaborative efforts of our Provincial and Municipal Assessors to maintain and update the tax information system of our government units is highly recognized.